Nappyline - Nappy laundering service for your convenience.


Nappyline: It has been a total lifesaver!

“While recovering from a traumatic birth, I simply didn’t have the energy to have nappies washed and ready every day in the dead of winter with no tumble dryer. Yet I didn’t want to spend money on disposables and fill up our council trash bin with nappies. The Nappyline service was fast, friendly, flexible and all around fabulous. Definitely worth it!”


I found them really absorbent and love that I didn't have to wash them and they were Eco friendly

Jess Smith,  Hamilton
Mum to baby Harver, and toddlers Lexzi and Tahliah

"We absolutely loved your nappy service, it was quite possibly the best gift we were given as new parents. We are/were really keen to use reusable nappies so this was a great way to get started without having to do the extra work of cleaning them in the first few weeks of parenthood. Considering we were also packing up and moving in this time, the service was a fabulous help to us. Lianne you were incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with. You always went out of your way to suit us which was great. Even moving address part way through the service was not a hassle for you. We would now consider your nappy service as a gift for friends or family that we know want to use reusable nappies".
"Thank you so much, we wish you luck with your growing business".
Deirdre, Nick and baby Rourke
Australia, Previously Auckland

"We chose Nappyline to do our bit for the environment. I love it, because the set up costs are relatively low, the service is very prompt, flexible & friendly & the nappies perform well. We are happy to recommend Nappyline"


“We chose Nappyline because we were looking for an environmentally friendly ‘nappy solution’. We have bought a few other cloth nappies to compare, and the system offered by Nappyline is by far the most versatile and is simple to use. We appreciate that we don’t have to bother about washing nappies and can instead use the time to play with our son. We think it is money well spent”

Sabine, Ciaran & Axel

“Nappyline is a friendly service and an efficient way for us to use re-usable nappies for our little boy without the hassle of buying and washing them ourselves. Delivered to our door at a time that suits us for an affordable price. Nappyline have made the confusing world of re-useable nappies a convenient and hassle-free experience. I would highly recommend Nappyline to anyone with a baby who is interested in using re-usable nappies. Thank you Nappyline”.



When asked why is Nappyline your favourite business? this was some of the responses;

"Great service"- Dale. "Eco-friendly service"- Debbie. "Fantastic idea for tired new mums" - Debra. "Great service run by friendly, professional people" - Dominic. "Doing a fab job helping new mums cope by taking away one of the many stressors of being a new mum - dirty nappies!" - Fay. "Anything helps local families & provides parents with affordable eco friendly services deserves our support" - Jordan. "Because it's good for baby & good for the environment" - Julie. "It takes the stress off young families" - Linda. "Provides a great service for mums busy with newborns & environmentally friendly" - Mel. "Great concept. Better than filling the landfill" - Kelly. 


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