Nappyline - Nappy laundering service for your convenience.

Easy to use cotton nappy system

Our prefold cotton nappy system is much easier to use than the old fashioned towels and pins of days gone by!
 As easy as 1-2-3..

1. The Prefold Cotton Nappy

The prefold nappy fits snugly inside the waterproof covers. It is a super absorbent 100% cotton fabric that is sized for the weight of your baby, from wee premature to infant, right up to toddlers. The sizes are infant, regular and super.

2. Water proof covers

These can be bought from us new (in different colours too) but white hired covers are included in each option. The prefold nappy sits nice and snugly inside them. They can be wiped and re-used at change time. These are washed with the nappies at 60 degrees. Having covers that fit well ensures a minimum of problems with leaks. Covers are constructed from PUL (polyester urethane laminate) that is waterproof and breathable. These covers are used in hospitals around the world, so they are made to last! They have double leg guards for maximum containment. The prem and newborn covers also have a part at the top for the umbilical cord tie to sit so it doesn't rub. We will ensure the right size for your baby on the first consultation, and the cover size will be changed as your baby grows.

3. Bio-degradable Bamboo liners

These are an essential part of the system, and must be used with our nappies. They rest between the nappy and your baby's skin. This keeps baby dry and helps with keeping the nappies stain-free. At change time they are as simple as folding up into a little package and flushing down the toilet. They are 100% bio-degradable and can be used with septic tank systems. 

Example of the cover, prefold & liner in place


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