Nappyline - Nappy laundering service for your convenience.

How much will it cost?

There are three standard packages to choose from:

Package 1 : Weekly Service

Our weekly regular laundry service costs $40 per week.

Package 2 Introductory Trial 

The trial pack can be used for your first time. The pack costs a one-off payment of $120 for 4 weeks service
That's ONE week FREE service.

Package 3 : Starter Service

This pack costs a one off payment of $384 for 12 weeks service.
That's $32 per week.

All 3 packages include  :  All the prefold nappies required                                               
                                       4 covers per delivery
                                       Flushable liners
                                       Bin and bin liner
                                       Pick up and delivery

                                 You just provide the baby!

The above pricing is based on services for one child.
For different service periods, multiple child pricing and payment options please contact us 

Courtesy of Ecobots Website

Age & number of       Number of      Average cost of     Nappyline 3mth
changes                        nappies used        disposables                  service
per day                                                              

0-3 mths 10                        900                   $551.70                     $384.00
changes per day

Our service using cloth nappies could save you around $167.70 over 3 months!

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