Nappyline - Nappy laundering service for your convenience.


Q:How many nappies will I need?
A: We supply you with as many nappies as you will need but on average, between 30 & 60 depending on the age of your child.

Q:Do we need nappy liners?
A: Yes. You must use liners with our nappies. This ensures that all solid waste is disposed of before your nappies are laundered. Simply flush the liners and solid waste down the toilet before putting your used nappy in the bin provided. We only use liners that are flushable and we supply you with these liners when we drop off the nappies.

Q: What if I run out of liners or nappies?
A: You will be supplied with the liners & nappies needed until your next pick up, but emergency nappy deliveries can be made if required at no extra cost. 

Q: Do I need to be home when the nappies are delivered?
A: It is preferable but not essential that you are home when the nappies are delivered. A pre-arranged outside collection area of your home can be organised prior to your delivery day if you are not going to be there. Being home at the time enables me to check on how things are going, but I am always available via email, phone & text for any problems arising.

Q: How many outer covers will I need?
A: Usually you will be given 4 outer covers to use with the nappies. These are hired and are included in the costing. If you prefer, brand new covers can be ordered for you to buy and keep  to use exclusively for your child. We still hygienically launder them for you with the nappies and ensure you receive your purchased covers back each week. At the moment there are blue, yellow, white and green covers available. 

Q: I haven't had my baby yet. Can I book the service in advance?
A: Yes you can. We will deliver your nappy pack and meet you for an initial consultation.  When your baby is born, call us to arrange your first collection and delivery.

Q: What about twins?
A: Nappyline can do a special discount for twins, triplets etc.

Q: Do cloth nappies cause nappy rash?
A: Cloth nappies have been shown to reduce nappy rash problems. Frequent nappy changing is one of the best ways to relieve nappy rash and parents using cloth nappies seem to be more inclined to change their child more often - they tend to be more aware that a child's nappy is wet or dirty. The super-absorbers and chemicals in disposable nappies can make a dirty or wet nappy smell or feel clean. 

Q: What about when my child starts daycare/kindy?
A: Many childcare centers have children attending that use cloth nappies. Using cloth nappies should not cause the child care center any problems. Waterproof nappy bags are available to purchase for storing the used nappies in when not at home.

Q: Does the bin smell with dirty nappies sitting in it for days?
A: The bins have lids and contain a deoderiser placed under the bin liner so there is not much of a smell. Regular sized nappy bins are provided for the twice weekly pick ups. Areas collected once a week are provided with larger bins with lids and only a faint urine smell has been noticed when the lid is removed to place nappies in. Generally, all that can be smelled is the deoderiser. 

Please feel free to email us with any other questions you may have: 

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